...but not forgotten (cracked_ribs) wrote,
...but not forgotten

Riiiiise from your Graaaaaaave.

My headline contradicts my livejournal. I've been linked back here and now i want to stay again. Funny how that works.

So i'll bring you all up to speed:

I've moved out of the apt in Deerfield a few months ago into a house in Lighthouse Point.

I live with Dan and Jaime. Its pretty fucking rad. We live by the beach and its fun.

Amber and I are still together, going great! :)

So we started a Film Production company called Fade 2 Pink. And we made a few short films. It's a really fun job and we are looking to make this into a legitimate business.

I start Whole Foods on June 11th... the day before Metal Gear Solid 4 comes out, which SUCKS!

aaaaaaaaaand thats about it.

To all the people i haven't talked to since FOREVER, hello again.

my aim name is AreWeSeeingThis, say hello back.

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