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well well well

instead of posting that im still alive in this forsaken journal. im going to post about things i actually give a shit about rather than tailor it for my friends. cheers.

- dragonforce is coming.

- the best site ever is: http://tv-links.co.uk

- i now work for an online videogame blog. well freelance anyways.

- im currently enrolling in a homeschool class of creative suite. (aka shitload of tutorials and becoming a recluse for awhile)

- my great uncle is dying. i havent seen him in 5 years and apparently hes asking about me on this deathbed. im kinda scared to see him. but i know that i gotta.

- i want to play this game forever:

reminds me of Flashback for the Sega Genesis way back in the day, but in 3D.
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